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*Need help finding what you are looking for? Links are by subject, topic and grade level; for example, astronomy would be listed as Science: Astronomy. To find something specific, try hitting Control-F, and typing in the subject or topic.*

Administration: Library Organization: Elementary Printable Library Organization System

Administration: Planner Software: Homeschool Tracker

Administration: Planners, Info, Lessons (K-12): Donna Young

Administration: Planners: Homeschool Scheduling with Printables

Administration: Printable DIY Planner: 7 Step Planner

Administration: Online Planner: My Mardel Homeschool

Bible: Free Lesson Plans: Future Flying Saucers

Bible: Online Games and Activities (K-6): Adventure Bible

HomeschoolArtonaBudgetFine Arts: Art Appreciation Games from the National Gallery of Art (K-8): Kids Art Zone

Fine Arts: Art History (3-12): Timeline of Art History

Fine Arts: Art Lessons (K-6): Art Projects for Kids

Fine Arts: Art Lessons (K-6): Video Art Lessons from Deep Space Sparkle

Fine Arts: Art Prints (K-12): Art Prints

Fine Arts: Artist Study (K-6): Printable, grade level art lessons from Concordia Univeristy

Fine Arts: Classical Music (K-8): Classics for Kids

Fine Arts: Music Theory (3-12): Music Theory Web

Fine Arts: Piano Lessons (K-12): Hoffman Academy

Fine Arts: Preschool Music (Pre-K-1): Musical Zoomy Lesson Plans

Foreign Language: French (K-6):  Just for Kids French

Foreign Language: German, French, Spanish (K-12) Video Lessons with Printable Lesson Plans from KnowitAll

Foreign Language: Japanese (9-12+) Japanese 1 with Video Lessons

Foreign Language: Latin (3-12): Headventure Land

FREE spanish programs for homeschooled kidsForeign Language: Spanish (K-2) Salsa Spanish

Foreign Language: Spanish/ESL (5-6): McGraw-Hill

Health: Health and Safety topics (K-12): Kids Health in the Classroom

Heath: Health Workbooks (K-6): Harcourt Health and Fitness (to use with these low cost textbooks- buy used)

History: American History (3-7): Mission US American Revolution Interactive Website

History: American History (K-12): US History

History: Ancient History (K-6): Mosaic Maps, Myths, and Marvels

Kindergarten: Lessons (K-1) Kindergarten Themes Monthly Lessons

Language Arts: Aesop Stories and Lessons (K-6): Aesop Stories

Language Arts: Audio books (K-12): Librivox Audio Books

Language Arts: Daily Grammar (K-12): Daily Grammar Lessons and Quizzes

Language Arts: Dolch Word Lists (K-4) Sight Word Vocabulary Lists

Language Arts: Early Reading (K-3) You Can Read Sight Word Program

Language Arts: Early Reading- I see Sam (K-2): I See Sam Downloadable Readers

Language Arts: Grammar (K-6): Scholastic DoDEA Workbooks

Language Arts: Grammar and Spelling  (?) National Treasures Grammar and Spelling Workbooks

Language Arts: Grammar Sentence Diagramming (K-12): Parse a Sentence 

Language Arts: Grammar Handbook (3-8): Zaner Blosser GUM Workbooks

Language Arts: Grammar- Mad Libs (K-12): Kids MadLibs

LanguageArtsLanguage Arts: Grammar Textbook (K-9?): English Banana Grammar Courses

Language Arts: Handwriting (K-6): Donna Young Handwriting Worksheets

Language Arts: Handwriting , D’Nealian (K-2) Editable Handwriting Worksheets

Language Arts: Handwriting help (K-2) Handwriting Helps and Information

Language Arts: Handwriting: Copywork: Copycat Books

Language Arts: Literature (K-12): Manybooks

Language Arts: Literature (K-6): Classical House of Learning Literature

Language Arts: Phonics (K-3) Progressive Phonics Phonics Readers

Language Arts: Phonics (K-3) Reading Bear

Language Arts: Phonics (K-3): Reading Games with Printable Worksheets from Starfall

Language Arts: Picture Books (K-4): Read On-Screen Picture Books from We Give Books

Language Arts: Reading and Grammar (K-6) Scott Foresman Reading Workbooks

Language Arts: Reading, word families (K-3): Word Family Printables

Cheap and Free Language ArtsLanguage Arts: Spelling (K-12) VocabSpellingCity Free Spelling Games

Language Arts: SightWords (K-3) Free Resources for Teaching Your Child to Read

Language Arts: Word Families (K-3): Lots of Printables and Lesson (scroll to the bottom for the Freebies)

Life Skills: Financial Literacy from the Actuarial Foundation (9-12) High School Finance Curriculum

Mathematics: Algebra from Purple Math (9-12) Algebra Video Lessons

Mathematics: Mathematics Enhancement Programme (K-6): MEP full printable curriculum

Mathematics: Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (K-6): CSMP full printable curriculum

Mathematics: Explorations and Fun with Math from the Actuarial Foundation (grades 3-8) Real World Math Units

Mathematics: Games (K-12): Learn with Math Games

Mathematics: Games and Lessons (K-12) Xtra Math Fact Drill

Mathematics: Games from Big Brains (multiple grades) Big Brainz Games

Mathematics: Living Books (K-6) and Ancient History Living Math

Mathematics: Virtual math manipulatives from Utah State University (multiple grades) Virtual Manipulatives

Multiple Subjects: BBC (k-12) BBC Educational Videos

Multiple Subjects: CM curriculum (K-12) Charlotte Mason Help

Multiple Subjects: Free Textbooks, mostly science and math (9-12) CK 12 Textbooks

Multiple Subjects: Full Curriculum (K-12) Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

Multiple Subjects: Full Curriculum (K-9) Guest Hollow Little Otter’s Lesson Plans

Multiple Subjects: Full Curriculum (Pre-K-5) Head of the Class

Multiple Subjects: Full Curriculum: Teach with Me

Multiple Subjects: Full Curriculum program from Ambleside (multiple ages) Ambleside Online

Multiple Subjects: Games (K-12) Family Games Downloads

Multiple Subjects: Games (K-6): Educational Games by Grade Level

Multiple Subjects: Lapbooks (K-12) Homeschool Share Lapbooks

Multiple Subjects: Lesson Plans (K-12): Lesson Pathways

Multiple Subjects: Montessori (ages 3-6): Full 40 week Montessori Lesson Plans

Multiple Subjects: Resources and Lessons (K-12): Teachers Pay Teachers Freebies

Multiple Subjects: Resources and Lessons (K-12): SAS Curriculum Pathways

Multiple Subjects: Teaching Resources (K-12): Learning Page

Multiple Subjects: Topic Links (K-12) Usborne Topic Links

Multiple Subjects: Unit Studies (K-9) The Homeschool Mom Unit Studies

Multiple Subjects: Units (K-12) School Express Free Worksheets

Multiple Subjects: Videos and Lessons (3-12): Khan Academy Video Lessons and Math Help

Cheap-and-Free-Preschool and KindergartenPreschool: Full Curriculum, Letter of the Week (PreK-K)  Letter of the Week Preschool

Preschool: Montessori: (PreK) Free Montessori Printables

Science: Anatomy (5-12): Anatomy Arcade

Science: Animal Science (K-6): National Wildlife Federation

Science: Archeology, Dinosaurs and Fossils (3-12) Earth Science Lesson Plans

Science: Astronomy (K-12): NASA Lesson Plans

Science: Biology (9-12) Quarks and Quirks High School Biology

Science: Chemistry (grades 3-6) ACS Inquiry in Action Chemistry Curriculum

Science: Chemistry, Periodic Table (K-12): Periodic Table Videos

Science: Coloring Pages (K-12): Science Coloring Pages from Home Training Tools

Science: Computer Programming (6-12): CodeAcademy

Science: Computer Programming (K-12): Kodu Programming

Science: Computer Programming (K-12): Scratch Programming

Science: Computer Science (K-12): Computer Science Unplugged

Science: Elementary Science (K-5): Discovery Education Free Resources

Science: Elementary Science (K-6): Howard Hughes Medical Center Resources

Science: Engineering (K-12) Teach Engeneering

Science: Engineering (K-12): Engineering Games Online

Science: Evolution (k-12): Berkeley Education

Science: Evolution, Tree of Life (?): Tree of Life Website

Science: Experiments (K-12) Science Fair Projects and Experiments

Science: Free Course (?)  Supercharged Science Freebie

Science: Full science courses (grades 6-9) Free Science Courses

Science: Full Curriculum from McGrawHill (grades 1-6) McGrawHill Science Texts, Activity Books and Labs

Science: Games (K-6): PBS Kids Science

Science: Games (K-6): 24/7 Lawrence Hall of Science

Science: Geography (K-6) Gutenberg Primary Geography

Science: Geology (K-5): AGI GeoSource

Science: Human Evolution (K-12): Human Origins by the Smithsonian

Science: Life Science (1-6): Mr. Q Printable Life Science Course

Science: MIT courses (9-12): MIT OpenCourse

Science: Multiple Subject Curriculum (K-12): Science Mate Science Lesson Plans

Science: Multiple Subjects (K-12): Science Lessons

Science: National Geographic (K-6): National Geographic Kids

Science: National Geographic (K-9) Teacher Lesson Plans

Cheap and Free ScienceScience: Nature Study (K-6): Nature Studies Printables

Science: Physical Science, various ‘ologies’ (K-12): American Museum of Natural History ‘Ologies

Science: Physics (K-9): Physics, and yearly free PhysicsQuest science kits

Science: Projects (K-6): PBS SciGirls

Science: Satellite Earth Science (K-12): NASA Weather Adventures

Science: Science Journal (4-8): Natural Inquirer

Science: Videos (K-12): The Happy Scientist Freebies

Science: Virtual Museum (K-12): Virtual Museum

Science: Zoology Links (K-12): National Zoo Homework Helper

Social Science: American Folklore (K-12): Famous American Folklore

Social Science: American History (3-9): History of US

Social Science: American History (K-3): Mind Fires Academy

Social Science: Current Events (3-12) Time for Kids

Social Science: Current Events (3-12): YoungZine

Social Science: Current Events (K-12): Smithsonian TweenTribune

Social Science: Geography (K-6): World Maps

Social Science: Government (K-6): Ben’s Guide to US Government

Social Science: Greek Myths Flashcards (3-9): Greek Myths Flashcards

Social Science: History Unit Studies (2-12) Learning Through History

Social Science: History, National Archives (3-12) National Archives Teacher Lesson Plans

Social Science: Human Trafficking from Free the Slaves (grades 6-12) Free the Slaves

Cheap and Free Social Studies and HistorySocial Science: Multiple Subjects (3-12) Social Studies for Kids

Social Science: Mythology (3-9):  Myth Web

Social Science: Narrative History (K-12): Macrohistory

Social Science: Talking Pyramids (K-9): Ancient Egyptian Games

Social Science: US History Timeline (3-9): History Timeline

Social Science: Vikings (K-9): Vikings Lessons from BBC

Social Science: World History (K-12): World History for Us All Lesson Plans

Social Science: World History (K-6): Little City Kids

Supplemental Resources: Information (K-12):  Free Lesson Plans

Supplemental Resources: Maps (K-12): Printable Maps

Supplemental Resources: Worksheets (k-12): Printable Worksheets

Supplemental Resources: Logic (7-12th): Self-Taught Logic

Test Prep: Official SAT Prep (9-12th): The College Board and Khan Academy

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Free and Frugal Language Arts and Math
Free and Frugal Science
Free and Frugal Preschool and Kindergarten

Free and Frugal Art, Music, and Foreign Language
Free and Frugal Social Science

Free and Frugal Homeschooling

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  1. shelena says

    Hi, I am suuuuuper new to homeschooling and have been searching for all the information I can to best suit my daughters. Your site is an amazing help to someone like me! Thank you so much for your time, I will utilize a lot of the sites I found here.

  2. says

    Holy crow, girl! This must have taken you foooorever to do! This is such an amazing resource. Thank you for your efforts and your time. You’re awesome.

  3. jaime says

    i love the mcgraw hill workbook links that are posted.but the workbooks go along with a reading text book filled with different stories.where can i get the text book? particularly the kindergarten text book?my kids currently use these books in school and i want to continue with them when i home school

  4. Audrey says

    While trying to find something that would work for Phonics for my daughter (we didn’t officially do phonics in her kindergarten year, instead we focused on sight words and word families, but I intend to formally do phonics in 1st and 2nd grade), I found this from UPENN. It’s free to download. The link is for the first chapter (of 10 chapters), you can change the link for the other chapters simply by changing the number after /rr to the chapter you want to download. I can’t comment on how good of a program it is, since we won’t start using it until Sept., but after looking over the first 3 chapters in detail and skimming through the remaining ones, it seems like a pretty comprehensive phonics program. I’m always on the lookout for free, comprehensive material to use, since I don’t have internet at home and thus use library computers where I’m limited to an hour a day (on the days I go to town), so the free programs out there that are primarly online wouldn’t work well for us.

  5. says

    Hi, Heather! What a great list of resources you’ve accumulated! I hope you’ll take a look at my Youtube channel. I have a collection of educational videos aimed at elementary aged children covering art, literature, classical music, and natural science which is expanding all the time. I’d love to be added to the list!

  6. Pam Lewis says free reading and language for K-6.

    This is the workbook for Our Nation from McGraw-Hill (textbook available on Amazon used 5th grade)

    I don’t remember if is listed but it is a great site for videos. I also have a long list of free and low cost sites but THANK YOU, you gave me more than I had. We had switched to but the kids seem to get bored with it. So it’s back to books. Thanks for giving the resources to find free and low cost.

  7. says

    Such an impressive effort to put this list together. Thank you for sharing! I will have to bookmark and work my way through it. Keep up the good work! I trust your move and transition to a new home has happened smoothly.

  8. says

    We are struggling with homeschooling and how expensive it can be. We have found Khan Academy. I love the way they help and teach. It’s been a great resource. Thanks for publishing this!

  9. says

    What a great list of resources! Thank you! To add some, we use and love Learning Games for Kids ( and Vocabulary Fun ( for game play, and they are both totally free. You don’t even a free account or anything. You just go and play. :) Also, Let’s Homeschool High School has a list of really good, and free, resources for templates and such…like a diploma template, transcript template, etc.

    Thanks again! :)

  10. Sarah says

    I cannot thank you enough for providing this list. We are just beginning homeschooling – me and my 6 children – and I never realized how incredibly expensive it could be. This resource list is going to help us so much, and it is an answer to prayer. Thank you a hundred times over!

  11. Christine says

    I wish I had found your site when I was homeschooling my older daughter a couple of years ago. I would have had MUCH less stress and I think it would have been a better experience for both of us. My husband and I are talking about possibly needing to homeschool our girls next year, and this site will be invaluable. Thank you for doing a lot of the work for us. What a blessing to have people who have the time, ability, knowledge, and desire to help others educate their children the way they choose!!! I can’t say thank you enough.

    • says

      Thank you so much for the kind comment- you really made my day. I hope you find the right solution for your kiddos, and peace in the process. Big, big hugs to you.

  12. says

    I’d suggest adding these to the Spanish resources: (more for older kids and adults…very thorough). (they have teaching guides too as well as the free online videos) (entirely in Spanish, but very interactive and great practice one they have some vocabulary under their belt)

  13. says

    This is an awesome list of resources! As a homeschooling mama living in another country, I found it impossible to have all the books I neeeeeeeded (ok, wanted) shipped there. I learned then just how wonderful an asset the internet could be! It is quite time consuming though to search through so much information…thanks for your work here! Now that I’ve worked myself out of my favorite job as a homeschooling mom, I am trying to share some of the units I’ve put together using free resources online (so far I’ve been posting unit studies for the American Girl Dolls). I will definitely be using your list to add to them! May I include a link to your page on my blog?
    Also, here are two of my favorite resources that I didn’t see included above…
    (Art appreciation…complete with lessons, printables, games, and outside links)
    (Bible…lessons, coloring pages, printables, stories, games for the entire Old & New Testaments. Many of the lessons are also offered in Spanish! )

  14. says

    I am SO thankful I came across your website. I definitely will be using many of these educational sites. Thank you so much for doing ALL the leg work for us!!

  15. says

    Wonderful list! What a lot of hard work you put in.
    Would you please add
    It’s an all-free site geared to PK-2nd grade with 1,000’s of free printables, lessons, and crafts, with a helpful blog.
    I also have a link list you can get more ideas from (I just added you at #18) and pinned your squirrel poster as well. Hope it brings you more traffic.
    Sharing to help others is so important. It makes all of our bag of tricks fuller and our lives easier. Thanks for sharing & up-dating.

  16. SusanC says

    CSMP (Comprehensive School Mathematics Program) is different than Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP) Both are good and available for free, but you have them conflated in a single entry.

  17. Kathy says

    Deep Space Sparkle (an awesome art website by an art teacher), XtraMath, and for free literature study guides; Houghton Mifflin-Lord of the Rings,, Penguin Group for the Redwall series….Thanks for this great list!

  18. Shari says

    I have a question. Your website is very informative. If I choose to homeschool, as we are Americans travelling abroad, don’t I need some type of certification to get him admitted into public school in Europe or the United States when we decide to enroll him? Son is 5 now but will be 6 in September.
    Thanks for any advice.

    • says

      I wonder if you’ve found an answer to your question all ready, but that really depends, I think, on where you will be enrolling him when you’re ready. I don’t know about Europe but in the US everything varies state by state. Good luck!

    • Bekah says

      Look at your state’s laws first. I just googled mine, and went from there. I’m required to keep records of tests and samples of work, and we track the hours we spend in each subject. We have so many required hours of instruction for the school year.

      The great thing about homeschooling is you can count life-skills in the hours – like when we grocery shop, my daughter takes a calculator and we find the best deal and she keeps track of the total for me.

      Start looking into curriculum and styles that you think will work for your family and your budget. We are homeschooling this year for the first year, and I’ve only spent about $40 on it. I ordered a few workbooks online and I’ve printed a lot out from the internet. No matter your budget, homeschool IS possible. Just stay organized and find what works the best for you guys.

  19. Debbie Stamme says

    Heather, I stumbled across a great free site this evening that if it is on your list I overlooked it. And if it’s not there you may want to consider adding it? It is & covers U.S. History, American Government, & Ancient Civilizations.

  20. Kristi says

    awesome! thanks so much- I didn’t see Easy Peasy or Sight and Sound reading on your list- found lots of new fun stuff though

  21. Preemie Mama says is a free comprehensive lesson plan site that is designed for K-5 students. It divides the lessons into 36 weeks, 1 week on each unit (5 days) but you can pick and choose what you want, from an individual unit to only a select activity. For each subject there is a guided journey for each grade. Within the guided journey there are pathways (units), and each pathway is comprised of stepping stones (individual activity). This can be used as a supplement to your current curriculum, or it can be used as your primary curriculum. And best of all, its COMPLETELY free. If you register you can also create a profile with your child(ren)’s names and assign various guided journeys, pathways, or stepping stones. I hope this helps another homeschooling parent out as much as it has me!


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