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Valentines Day Themed Rhyming Pack

Free rhyming printable pack for valentines day

It’s almost Valentines Day! I really love pulling out all the cute heart themed printables for the kids in the hopes that they’ll fall in love (har har) with the holiday like I have. This year, I added a Rhyming pack to the mix. I made this pack with Mr. Man in mind, using words […]

Three Languages, One Homeschool {Raising Trilingual Kids}

Raising Trilingual Kids

Today’s post is a guest post from Adriana Zoder of HomeschoolWays.Com. Adriana has the wonderful experience of being able to raise her children speaking three languages. I would love for my children to be trilingual, but at this point, I’m still going to be thrilled if my kids can simply communicate in their mother tongue […]

Our January Re-Cap: Real Life Homeschooling


I can’t believe January is almost over. I admit, I had grand plans for this month. After adding Peanut to the mix, I thought for sure we would be right back on track with school the way I wanted school to be (after doing “survival school” for so long) without very many problems. Early in […]

Dinosaur Fact Card Matching Game

Dinosaur Memory Match

Our last printable for our Dinosaur Unit Study is up! This week, you can grab a fact card matching game for the kids. There are a couple different levels at which you can play, so all your kids can get involved. There are cards with the images of the dinosaurs, dino names, the meaning of […]

Mother Goose Monday: Finishing Up Our Dino Unit


We are wrapping up our Dinosaur unit study this week. I have to say, this month has been the most fun we’ve ever had with our Mother Goose Time curriculum. Getting all the kids involved with the activities was a fantastic change of pace, and it was surprisingly easy to find a way to keep […]

Invent A Dinosaur

Invent a Dino Creative Writing

We’re getting closer to the end of our Dinosaur Unit Study! We’ve had so much fun this month with Mother Goose Time and learning about dinosaurs. Today, I have a new activity to share with you to bring art and creative writing into your dinosaur study. Invent a Dinosaur Mother Goose Time included a wonderful […]