UnLock Math Pre-Algebra {Schoolhouse Crew Review}


I can’t even believe Bug is at the point where I am writing this. I am pretty sure he was 4 yesterday, but here he is, using UnLock Math‘s program, UnLock Pre-Algebra. How UnLock Math Works: When your child logs into UnLock Math, they see a dashboard with a list of everything they will be doing. They […]

Animal Cells Printable Pack

Animal Cells Printable Pack

Today’s printable pack is intended to be a companion unit to the Plant Cell Printable we offered last week. This printable is six pages long, and includes a labeled coloring sheet, an unlabeled sheet to fill in, a list of the organelles and their function, a page to write in the functions of the organelles, […]

Math through Games {SimplyFun Schoolhouse Crew Review}


Today’s review is for Expanders, a board game by SimplyFun. If you don’t already have a closet full of math games, you really should consider getting a few! Why teach math through games? Elementary math is a lot of memorization. Math facts are the foundation of everything else your child will ever learn in math […]

Learning About Plant Cells {Free Printable}

Plant Cells Free Printable

  Today’s new printable is a pack all about plant cells and their parts. It includes: Plant cell coloring page Plant cell labeling Plant cell parts and their functions Define parts of a plant cell Cross Word Word Spiral Download the Free Printable Plant Cell Pack in our Shop! 

Backyard Art using the Sun {Sunpaper Art}

sun paper art

This summer has been a sizzler so far! At least here in the Sunshine state, anyway. And coming from a native Floridian, that’s sayin’ somethin’. So this summer we’ve been playing a lot in the water – natural springs, homemade slip ‘n slides, sprinklers. And not to mentions all the popsicles and ice cream cones! […]