A Newbie’s Guide to Box Tops for Education

Box Tops

I am a newbie to General Mill’s Box Tops for Education program. Call me late to the party, but at least I have finally arrived! The only time I “participated” in the Box Tops for Education program was one time about five years ago when a family friend came by and raided my kitchen with […]

Teaching Preschool with Fables and Folktales


This latest unit study from Mother Goose Time has been my new favorite (well, right behind dinosaurs). This month’s theme is Fables and Folktales, and the curriculum did a wonderful job at incorporating daily stories and the activities. I am a bit of a junkie for literature based units, and this one really hit the […]

Creepy Crawly Color and Collect Cards

Creepy Crawly 2

Today’s printable was made just for my seven and four-year-olds. They LOVE all things creepy and crawly. The more their “pets” make mom squirm, the better. I’m trying to play to my seven year old’s interests as much as possible to make life easier on both of us, and what do you know, this latest […]

Easy Dinner Solution- Cucumber Greek Yogurt Salad

Greek Yogurt and Cucumber

I know it’s practically Fall, but here in our corner of the world, it’s still really hot and muggy. Hot and muggy means easy, cool meals in my house! I am addicted to salads, especially considering we have a huge garden full of fresh produce right in the back yard. I’ve had great luck with […]

Population Ecology for Kids {Birdwatching Activity}

Bird Watching

Bug has caught bird watching fever. In his Oak Meadow 5th Grade Science he learned all about population ecology and how habitats can be changed to be more or less appealing (and safe) for the creatures that live there, thus effecting their population. In his science class, he built the backyard birds a feeder using […]

Nature Study Curriculum Round Up

Nature Study

Despite our kids being bombarded with technology of all kinds, I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t love to be outside and explore the world around them.  Sometimes they just need encouragement to put those phones/tablets/video games down and unplug.  I’ve collected some great Nature Study curriculum and unit study choices to help you get […]

Free Printable: Backyard Bug Book

Bug Printable Pack

I am a strong believer in teaching science through nature in the early years. When your children are small, there is little need to bog yourself down with science curriculum and complicated concepts. So much can be learned just by heading out to the backyard. This simple resource is designed to help your kids learn […]

The Best Field Guides for Kids

Field Guides for Kids

Our nature walks are my favorite part of the week. It’s amazing to me how much the kids can learn by walking away from their school books. A couple years ago, it was enough for us to just go on a walk to see what we could see- to look at the flowers, and seeds […]